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For an economy that works for everyone, political candidates must also be dependent upon the public for campaign contributions. We aim to accomplish just that through the creation of a national, public political contribution account to be used by the public as a source of political contributions for the candidates or political entity of their choice - a savings account to protect our democracy. 

How do we Fix this?

Democracy Savings Account

The Democracy Savings Account, or DSA, will reallocate tax dollars, meaning the public will experience no cost. Funding will be slightly different for midterm and presidential elections and will work as follows:


Funding: Through an annual $12 state, refundable tax credit, on every personal state income tax return filed. For example, a $12 tax credit on the 3.2 million Arizona individual income tax filers, would result in an Arizona public political contribution fund of almost $77 million dollars each election cycle. 


$12 x 3,200,000 tax filers = $38,4000,000 per year x 2 = $76.8 million 


These contributions can be made by the public to any political entity (candidate, PAC, etc.). Anyone old enough to vote can make a contribution to their preferred candidate from the established DSA. 


Anyone that filed personal tax returns in at least one of the two years prior to the pending election can withdraw money from the DSA to make political contributions.


The amount of each contribution per individual will be determined by the DAS administrator prior to each election (subject to the $100 per individual maximum). 


If you'd like to learn more about how this all works, check out our Q&A, or send us a message at the bottom of this page, we'll be happy to reach out to you! 

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