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Will a $77 million Arizona Democracy Savings Account be sufficient to wean political candidates away from the Big Money special interest contributors?

Absolutely; $77 million represents approximately 60% of the total money raised for presidential, congressional and state candidates in the Arizona 2016 election.

Must tax filers have to "claim" the tax credit?

No, every Arizona filer will automatically receive the tax credit. The monies will be automatically deposited into the state DSA fund, exclusively for political contributions.

Who can withdraw money from the DSA to make political contributions?

Individuals that filed personal tax returns in at least one of the two years prior to the pending election. 

What happens to DSA funds remaining unspent after an election cycle?

Funds not withdrawn will be available in the next election cycle. 

DSA contributions can be made to any candidate, PAC, Super PAC, political party, or in support of, or in opposition to any ballot initiative.

Are there restrictions on who can receive DSA contributions?
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Do candidates have to qualify to receive DSA contributions?
How do Candidates/Political entities receive DSA contributions?
Who will administer the DSA monies?
Who will be charged with carrying out the purposes and provisions of the DSA?
What is the maximum an individual can contribute from the DSA fund per election cycle?

Candidates must simply appear on the ballot and register as a DSA participant.

DSA contributors fill out an electronic voucher on the participating candidate's website. The candidates electronically emit the vouchers to the DSA Administrator. The Administrator remits the value of the vouchers electronically into the designated campaign accounts.

The state treasurer, with the auditor general charged to review the monies in, and expenditures from the fund no less than every two years.

A commission will be established consisting of no more than seven members. No more than three members of the commission shall be members of the same political party, or registered as independents. No more than two members shall be residents of the same county.

The DSA administrator will determine the maximum individual contribution level, subject to the DSA individual contribution maximum of $100 per election cycle. 


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