"In America today, the views of the voting public are nearly meaningless; wealthy individuals and business-backed special interest groups are almost entirely responsible for the stances that politicians take on issues." 

-Quoted from 2014 study by Martin Gilens Princeton University and Benjamin Page Northwestern University

Union Vs. Management

Congress supports laws making it more difficult to join a union. 50 years ago nearly a third of the private sector belonged to a union, compared to just 7% today, making it harder and harder for employees to receive the wages and benefits their work deserves.


Higher Taxes on Wages Vs. Lower Taxes on Wealthy

Congress reduced rates on capital gains 5 times since 1997.

Funding for Education Vs. Reduced Business Taxes

Congress and the states slashed education funding; 2017 students loan debt: $1.3 trillion crisis

Jobs vs. Corporate Profits

Congress has allowed millions of jobs to be off-shored, directly resulting in fewer and lower-paying jobs. With millions of jobs lost, wages have decreased 30 percent since 1978.

Minimum Wage Vs. Corporate Profits

Congress has not increased the federal minimum wage since 1998.

Jobs Vs. Defecit Reduction

Focus of every Congress: Deficit Reduction.

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Congress vs. The people

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