"In America today, the views of the voting public are nearly meaningless; wealthy individuals and business-backed special interest groups are almost entirely responsible for the stances that politicians take on issues." 

-Quoted from 2014 study by Martin Gilens Princeton University and Benjamin Page Northwestern University

we can't let it die

Candidates are almost entirely dependent upon wealthy contributors

The wealthy raise money for candidates and help get them into office. Those, now elected, officials use their political power to keep their wealthy donors happy. For a government that responds to everyone, political candidates must also be dependent on the public for campaign contributions. That is why we want to establish the Democracy Savings Account

in the 2016 presidential election, 1% of americans contributed 80% of all campaign contributions


of the 435 House elections in 2012, 95% of those who outspent their opponents won

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How does all of this happen?

This animated video explains the problem in our campaign finance, and how we can fix it. 

85% of Americans think we need to completely rebuild our campaign finance system

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